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What has the GOP-controlled state legislature done for the PEOPLE of Missouri?

I decided to run for office because I am appalled at the legislation I see coming from Jefferson City. I don't see anything that benefits the PEOPLE of Missouri. It seems that special interests and big-money donors control the priorities. Here are just a few of the bills from the past year:

Some of the Bills from the GOP-Controlled Missouri Legislature

  • Cut Medicare services for more than 8000 seniors and people with disabilities.
  • Passed SB43 to legalize discrimination and clear the way to punish government whistleblowers. This prompted the NAACP to give a travel warning for all of Missouri.
  • Attacked women’s healthcare and the right to choose at every turn. My opponent even sponsored a “Right to Life” amendment to Missouri’s Constitution.
  • Cut the budget for higher education by $36M, the Department of Social Services by $60M, and reduced foster care and youth services by more than $2M.
  • And of course, attacked hard-working Missourians by reducing the minimum wage in St. Louis City, and passing Right to Work.

Bills Introduced, Sponsored or Co-Sponsored by My Opponent

  • HB784: Reduce liability of insurance companies in judgements against their clients (my opponent defends many insurance companies, and they fund his campaign).
  • HJR18: A "Right to Life" amendment to the Missouri Constitution.
  • HB266: Eliminate tenure for new employees hired at public colleges and universities – to make it almost impossible to hire high quality professors from other institutions.
  • HCR37: Eliminate state funding for NPR.
  • HB333/339/714: An attack on mesothelioma (victims of asbestos). Allows defendants in lawsuits (mostly insurance companies) to get a stay in the proceedings and requiring the victims to file a trust claim that is extremely complicated and time consuming. These are people who rarely live more than 12-18 after diagnosis.
  • HB499: Which makes it very easy for third party debt collectors to win their cases by lowering the burden of evidence they must present to prove the debt against a consumer.
  • HB174: An attack on Planned Parenthood, which provides healthcare to low-income families.