Not a Democrat? This is for you!

I think of myself as a “common sense Democrat.” I believe there are many things we can get done for the state of Missouri by searching out and finding common ground on issues that affect the people of our state. Give me a chance to work for you.

Reduce Reliance on Government Programs

One proven way to reduce the number of people on welfare is to pay a livable wage. Companies that pay the current minimum wage are contributing to costly and intrusive government programs because people who only receive minimum wage need additional assistance to get their basic needs of food and shelter met.

In order to encourage economic growth in our region, tax and wealth inequality must be addressed. A 2014 International Monetary Fund study found that societies with lower inequality are correlated “with faster and more durable growth."

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Make Our Justice System Just

The police need our help and support. They need the tools and training to ensure our people are treated appropriately, with as little force as possible. The recent tragic deaths and injuries of officers in our area should recommit all of us to support the police in their efforts to deescalate dangerous situations, for their protection as well as those of our fellow citizens.

We also must examine the need to dedicate precious police and justice system resources toward the fight against marijuana. In many studies, including a recent one in the Journal of the American Medical Association, marijuana is less harmful than alcohol or smoking. That's not to say those are exactly healthy for you, but it's time to end the costly criminalization of marijuana. Laws against marijuana increasingly drain the resources of our already crowded prisons.

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Access to Healthcare for All

Solid healthcare options reduce reliance on government programs. For instance, those who must rely on visiting the ER every time they have a cold increase the costs for the rest of the citizenry.

There are many improvements that can be made to our current healthcare model: more competition to reduce prescription prices, the ability to find care across borders, and ultimately the long-term solution of decoupling health insurance from employment (which would reduce the burden on employers, while ensuring all people have access to insurance).

It's in our basic humanity to care for people who are sick. Let's work together to move toward solutions that insure no one is left without healthcare.


I believe the Second Amendment of the US Constitution is just as important as the First Amendment. My husband is the biggest gun advocate I know. We are proud gun owners.

I do support universal background checks, as I have personal experience with mentally ill individuals having access to guns, which they shouldn't be able to acquire.

Business Minded

I have worked in and with the corporate world since 1992. I started my career in Chicago at U.S. Robotics where I was employee number 232 in a company that grew to thousands. I later worked at Nextel and Monsanto. When Monsanto merged with Pharmacia & Upjohn in 2000, I was offered a position at their new headquarters in New Jersey, but I knew I didn't want to leave St. Louis. So I left the company and started a consulting firm, G Ink., Incorporated. In the 16 years I've been in business I've had the honor of serving clients such as: Express Scripts, Ameren, Pfizer, Monsanto, Novus, MEMC, Nike, and many others.

My experience as a small business owner, with a long history in large and profitable corporations, makes me uniquely qualified to draft legislation that makes sense for both people and business.

Treat People Equally

Equal treatment and protections are the bedrock of our democracy. The discriminatory bill passed in Jefferson City (SB43) has already hurt Missouri. Not only are vulnerable minority groups targeted, but large organizations have issued decrees that they will no longer bring their business to Missouri, which hurts our state economically.

Gerrymandering Hurts Both Parties

"In a healthy democracy, voters are supposed to be able to choose their representatives through elections. But when representatives get to draw their own district lines, legislators often choose their voters instead." *

We have a very important census coming up in 2020. It will help determine the number of government representatives each District and State get for the next decade or more.

I would like to see re-districting in Missouri moved to a more independent area of the government. Why should the legislature, those with a vested interest in getting re-elected, be the ones deciding the District boundaries? That doesn't make sense. In the past, both parties have been guilty of this ugly practice, and it must end if we hope to have fair elections in the future.
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